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Eggs to the Scottish (English version with chorizo and blood sausage)
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I could never have I imagined the incredible combination of sausages (known also as salchichcas) and egg to form a so very delicious blend.
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prep time
15 min
cooking time
25 min
total time
40 min
prep time
15 min
cooking time
25 min
total time
40 min
  • - 4 eggs
  • - 5/6 White sausages
  • - 2 blood sausages
  • - 2 sausages (Red)
  • - 1 egg (We will use it in the breadcrumbs)
  • - Bread crumbs, and flour
  • - Spices: Parsley, oregano or nutmeg (to taste)
  • - Olive oil
  1. We preheat the oven for at least 10 minutes at 200 ° C.
  2. We started to Cook eggs in boiling water during 7 u 8 minutes.
  3. Eye! Not hirváis them more since we want that egg can peel it unless is it crumble and break. In the oven will continue cooking.
  4. Once we have them cooked for as long as you have indicated, leave to cool a little and then and with extreme care Peel eggs. Keep in mind that when it comes to peel them are not all compact that should.
  5. I'll give the instructions to make the Scotch egg with sausage, but with sausage or chorizo are made of the same way. We will use approximately two to three black (or sausage) for each egg that we cooked.
  6. Before you begin, I strongly recommend: buy the sausages in the carnage of confidence. I've tried to make this recipe with sausage purchased in Mercadona and it has not left me as it should, I guess it's because they have more fat and are more industrial and less 'homemade'.
  7. We enharinamos all the eggs, and we reserve.
  8. We gut two or three sausages (depends on how you see that they are large) for each egg.
  9. We cut a good piece of plastic wrap and place on the same sausage meat, so let's make a circle with the same. Add meat spices that more you like us (Parsley, oregano or nutmeg). I added a bit of parsley.
  10. Put the egg in the center of the meat. And with the help of the plastic wrap we are wrapping it forming a sack where we will have our egg wrapped completely by the sausage meat, sausage or black pudding. (As you can see in the images).
  11. Remove the plastic wrap and with the help of your hands round up well.
  12. We passed by beaten egg, and then in breadcrumbs (I used one of Carrefour which is crunchy).
  13. We put our eggs in baking, in which we have previously put baking paper. We powder all our eggs with a little olive oil.
  14. So just baking (22 min. approx.) our eggs until they are golden and tasty.
  15. Ahhh and do not be alarmed if our egg with chorizo ejects a little oil on the baking tray during cooking, is completely normal.
  • A small trick: We can make our Scottish eggs a few hours before eating, save them, and the time serve you give them a touch of heat in the oven, or in his absence by micro, but in this recipe I recommend in the oven since they are more juicy.
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