Fennel, a herb with all graces

fennel plant

This plant has many more properties than we imagined and, In addition, the kitchen can add it multiple recipes

Fennel is a vegetable that already was used in Egyptian times already the Greco-Roman above all for its medicinal properties, and the Romans were the first to use it for culinary purposes. Currently, Italy is one of the countries where the sweet variety is more cooked, and we have to take example and fit it more often in our dishes that we assure you that it is well-healthy!

A complete food

If you purchase fennel will not be any trace forgotten in the fridge or thrown in the trash, because of this plant takes advantage of everything! The stems and leaves are used as an aromatic herb; seeds, as spice and plant medicinal e even gets an essential oil, and the bulb, as a Potherb. What is the most appropriate way to cook each one of these parts?

  • Sheets: can be boiled as a vegetable or cut into small pieces and mix them with aromatic herbs vinaigrette, with a salad of vegetables, spill, in a tortilla …
  • The stems: If we take them when they are tender or take the upper part of the plant, talladetes as if were chives, Decorate plates or are scattered by the salad.
  • Flowers: decorate the top of the flowering tops and bring flavor to salads of vegetables, above all, but also to the Greens, and the fish.
  • Seeds: Once dried flowers, the same umbel we collect the tiny fruits, suitable for storing dry and for flavoring the fish, infusions of winter …

All parts of the fennel can be dry and store boats to flavor various dishes or herbal teas throughout the year. In fact, one of the applications of the plant is also canned olives. There is who puts the stems, but also the flowers or fruits.


Healthy, healthy …

Fennel is a very similar to celery vegetable, but with a flavor of the anise-like. All parts are edible, and it also has many health benefits.

It is especially recommended for people suffering from hypertension, fluid retention, hyperuricemia, gout or arthritis, but it has many other properties, and relieve nervous oppression that we feel when we are uneasy in the upper part of the stomach and helps us to whet the appetite.

The fennel bulb can also be used in slimming diets to treat constipation and, If you want to in cold weather is warm, a little spicy flavor of this herb will help you.

In addition, If at the end of their meals in chew the seeds, You can fight bad breath.

Saltado, boiled, steam …

Fennel, traditionally, is used for cooking vegetables or as infusion, Since it has a diuretic effect, which helps to digest food better. It can be added to dishes like beans, a wok of broccoli, a cauliflower cream, dishes with legumes or crucifers and other similar foods that produce swelling because it helps reduce the flatulence. Anyway, some cooks like Montse Vallory have rediscovered it and new recipes added, as for example a Sauté of vegetables. Can cut into wedges or sliced fennel and cook it jumped and, even, You can eat slightly scald and salad, but that is better to do so only if the climate.
A cream with fennel is a good choice:
fennel plant

Best fennel

When selecting fennel, Note well: You must have firm and rigid stem and bulb must be large and rounded whitish; the elongated are less succulent. Once purchased, to keep it in perfect state must be stored in a bag in the fridge and not wait more than five days since you purchased.

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