Flour of marijuana

Flour marijuana

Marijuana cooking reveals its secrets, little by little so go understanding it a little better all at once and complement all the information.

We will start with the preparation of a basic ingredient, theflour of marijuana.

This flour will then serve for the further elaboration of marijuana butter and various concentrated alcohol or oils.

The flour is very easy to develop, This can be dry and without branches or sellillas buds and leaves closest to the stem, that will be having more psychoactive components and medicinal.

flour marijuana 2
Leaves or buds must be dry so you discard to squeeze them, to then pass through an apparatus for grinding or a chopper or a grinder for flour or coffee.

For best results when cooking it using a coffee grinder until the particles of marijuana are very fine and will end up turning into a fine powder.

You can go powder through a sieve or colander of flour to remove all Woody residues and impurities.

Grind the marijuana could raise a white powder, especially if the leaves or buds are very dry, This powder actually are capiteladas glands, the powerful part of marijuana, so manipulala with care.

Marijuana mill

Leave that powder pose before opening the shredder or grinder and collects the dust that may spill on sides.

Store the flour in the refrigerator or freezer.

Flour is the first step in cooking with marijuana, so we will continue telling them things in this regard.

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