Homemade yogurt jelly

Yogurt jelly
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Yogurt jelly
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Yogurt jelly is a simple Dessert recipe. Among recipes of food is a them more easy of preparation, and also perfectly suitable for child nutrition.
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prep time
10 min
cooking time
10 min
total time
20 min
prep time
10 min
cooking time
10 min
total time
20 min
  • 1 litre of yoghurt natural
  • 1 canned fruit in syrup or fresh fruit cocktail(Strawberry/Banana/handle)
  • 4 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin
  • 150 grams of cream
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 gelatin mold
  1. Prepare the base. To start cooking the yogurt jelly, We need to mix yogurt, cream, sugar and syrup in a pan juice
  2. Hydrate the gelatin. Then have that make the base of the gelatin of yogurt mixing it unflavored gelatin with a little of water and heat it to dissolve is.
  3. Mix gelatin and base. To finish cooking the yogurt jelly, slowly add the mixture of point 1 and then empty mould. For the delicious yogurt jelly missing only a few steps.
  4. Let cool down. Prepare all the rest necessary for the yogurt jelly, We need to let it cool in the refrigerator to be able to serve.
  5. Serve. Decorate the yogurt jelly prepared with fruits or cocktail cherry and serve. It can be incorporated in the form of pink or in individual cupcake.
  • Council: So your yogurt jelly is richer, try to use fruit yogurt flavor. If the yogurt is Strawberry, minced Strawberry; If it's peach, chopped peaches.
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