Fusilli with cremini, espinacas y question feta

Fusilli with Cremini, Spinach & Question Feta

Fungi, feta and spinach: a perfect marriage!.
Be sure to make this paste and will be remembered for a long time!

The feta cheese is ideal for this recipe, but you like please give a chance. Its flavor although strong adds to the intensity of the dish.
Use white or cremini mushrooms; If the budget tightens use canned but will not be equal. I used frozen spinach, I found fresh, but it is great alike. This recipe does parmigiano reggiano because I think that feta is enough.

For 2 people:

• 4 ounces Fusilli
• 6 cremini mushrooms, cut into slices
• 1 white onion into julienne strips
• 2 small chopped firm tomatoes
• 2 well chopped cloves of garlic
• 1 1/2 cups of frozen spinach
• 1/2 Cup of feta cheese
1 cup chopped black olives or Kalamata
• 1/2 Cup white wine (Optional)
• 1 bunch of finely chopped leek
• To taste cayenne pepper
• 3 CDAS. chopped Italian parsley
• Sea salt
• 2 CDAS. extra virgin olive oil

Cook the pasta to the date according to the instructions, and reserve 1 cup of the water in which boiled pasta.

In a pan place the spinach with garlic and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
If spinach is still frozen allow you to defrost stirring it constantly with a wooden spoon. Add the onion in Julienne. Once you integrate add tomatoes, fungi, Leek and continue cooking.

Add the white wine and allow to evaporate the alcohol a few seconds, add 1/2 water Cup reserved to boil pasta, This technique helps to thicken and give consistency to the sauce. Move well and finally add the fusilli moving with a wooden spoon so that they are not cut. Season with sea salt and cayenne pepper.

With their hands to thwart the feta cheese and add half the pasta and mix well: serve with the remaining above.

Notes and variations:
If you choose to use or get fresh spinach, first prepare them in the same pan with the garlic and a little water. Place a lid and stir until the leaves reduce and have dizzy enough.

If the budget allows, add fresh shrimp before white wine.

But want to use white wine dispose and use more water dough.

This dish should be juicy but not liquid. ;)

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