Capresse salad

The capresse salad recipe it's of Mediterranean origin and it's one of the easy recipes we bring you in this opportunity. In addition to being very healthy can be combined with different types of meat, from fish, white meat of poultry, or roasted red meats, even if you prefer sea fruits, they can also be prepared with oysters and mussels and make a delicious recipe.


150 GRS. Muzzarella cut into dice
200 Grs. Cherry-variety tomatoes
5 curly lettuce leaves
10 Basil leaves
50 GRS. of olives
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Seasonings of choice


The first thing we have to do is wash the cherry tomatoes well and we should scald them, That is, we remove the skin, if desired they can also be served with the skin. To scald the tomatoes we must make a cross-section and place them in warm water for a while and then remove the skin. A source, we place the cherry tomatoes. Then we wash the vegetables well, lettuce and basil, and we cut them into small pieces. In a bowl put the leaves of the vegetables the muzzarella cheese cut into cubes and then the cherry tomatoes.

Continuing to prepare the capresse salad recipe, the next task we have to do is to incorporate green olives, and then seasoned that salad. With olive oil and salt. If we want we can also incorporate some oregano.
This recipe it gives four servings and we can combine it with white fish, or grilled fish. It is also recommended for people who are dieting as in addition to providing antioxidant nutrient vitamins and calcium, it's very low in calories, and it's very nutritious.

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