Salad of shrimp and flowers of lavender with gelatin of malbec

shrimp salad


* Rocket 1 tied, * Shrimp 250 GR, * Lavender flowers and buds of radishes c/n, * Salt fine c/n, * Olive oil infused in five peppers 50 CC. * Gelatin: Gelatin unflavored 1 TSP. tea, Spiced malbec sauce 50 CC and raspberry dressing (low acidity vinegar) 15 CC

In a small saucepan place spiced malbec sauce and bring to simmer, While in a bowl add the gelatin and add the raspberry dressing, stir until dissolved. Once dissolved add the sauce hot spiced malbec and continue stirring until it becomes homogeneous, pour onto a tray flat and lead to the freezer.
Wash the Arugula and bean sprouts. Book. Clean shrimp and set aside in the refrigerator. Heat the wok, Add a teaspoon of olive oil infused in five peppers and Add shrimp, by moving them until they turn pink, This takes a couple of minutes, Book.
In a bowl add the previously washed Arugula, shrimp, outbreaks, Lavender flowers, season with salt and olive oil and finally, incorporate small portions of gelatin. Serve immediately.

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