Enchiladas potosinas

Enchiladas potosinas

Enchiladas potosinas

As in the rest of Mexico, the region of San Luis Potosí possesses a gastronomy in which corn is perhaps the most important element because of the marked indigenous component of their dishes that mixed with the influences Spanish resulted in an exquisite feast of flavours.

Many of the recipes of San Luis Potosí bear the name of the locality specified where they come from; then you will learn how to make enchiladas potosinas in its original recipe, one of them dishes more representative of this picturesque state of the Republica Mexicana.


For the filling:
•4 tomatoes large and mature
•6 Chiles serranos
•500 g of grated cheese
To accompany:
• 1 Ripe avocado
• Refried beans
• 1 Onion

For the tortillas you can see the recipe here, the only 2 differences will be that you will add chile cascabel crushed for give you color and flavor and that only it'd of an only side, Remember, not the turn, more later you will say because.


Step 1: Kitchen chilli and tomatoes in a pot with water during 20 minutes from the moment in which boils.

Step 2: In a mortar, crush tomatoes with chillies until a homogeneous sauce is you.

Step 3: Having ready sauce incorporates the cheese striped slowly until you notice that the mixture becomes fairly consistent and mix all well.

Step 4: Once you have your filling ready and your tortilla partially cooked from an only side, retiraras the tortilla of the iron or comal and le puts a single tablespoon of the stuffed bending it to the half and pasting edge with edge, so you left a half moon, that is why that is cooked only on one side, to be able to paste it.

Step 5: Returns the enchilada to the griddle and cook completely on both sides until golden brown; Some people are usually then FRY them in hot oil, However this step is optional.

To serve place them on a plate along with the refried beans with slices of avocado and onion finely chopped up and enjoy this delicious recipe for enchiladas potosinas.

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