Minced meat pies


ThemEmpanadasthey come from Spain but they are atypical Argentine dish. Our way of preparing them is very special, different from other places. They can be of different flavors, in this case I brought them the most traditional, a richchopped baked meat pies. On this occasion I bring only the filling recipe, and not the discs. Remember that disks that come for frying can be used both with FAT or oil in the oven, but the furnace can not FRY. ¡So I get to work that comes the 25 may and are special for those who do not eat locro!


  • 1kg. Minced meat.
  • 4 Large onions.
  • 2 Hard-boiled eggs.
  • Cant.nec.Aceitunas
  • Condiments: Salt; Pepper; Paprika; AJI; Cumin.
  • 24 Discs of empanadas p/oven.

Preparation of minced meat pies

  1. First we are going to choponions, cut once we put them to fire slow with oil to Brown. You can also put green onion.Cebolla-Empanadas
  2. When the onions are sealed we will add youminced meat and we spices, of course that is done to the eye but that give you more or less an idea they can grab a tea spoon and take action with that. In addition to all those condiments, Add a teaspoon of sugar. Stir well so all the meat take flavor and color.
  3. Let Cook and cover. Control the meat by mixing each time that we uncovered.
  4. Meat is cooked remove from heat and add the hard boiled eggcut into cubes(cooking in water, Once it boils 5 minutes later it will be done.) Leave to cool.
  5. Warm filling, place a spoonful of the preparation on the disk.
  6. Close to half, previously I get wet with water, by tightening, so not open when they are cociando, and make you a repulgue. Completed oiling a tray and place in the previously heated oven.Empanadas-Horno
  7. Golden the dough we can withdraw them, Let them cool a little and lists will be ourmeat pies in order to eat them and enjoy them.

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