How to make a balanced diet

How to make a balanced diet

What factors must take into account

As we said in our article "the way to more effective eating healthy", the key to a balanced diet is to introduce rich foods that provide all the nutrients that the body needs. For this it is necessary to eat of food from all the food groups in our meals, because there is not a single food that provides all the nutrients that we need.
With this you can avoid falling in Obesity and suffer from diseases such as Diabetes and the hypertension.
There are various factors which depends on maintaining a good diet, among them the sex of the person, your weight, age and physical activity.
As for the portions that must be ingested the following amounts are recommended

  • 10-15% protein
  • 30-35% fat
  • 50-55% carbohydrate.
These amounts may vary based on the factors mentioned above.
A balanced diet must be adapted to each individual's energy needs. For reference, we present the percentage of calories that represents each meal on the day:

Percentages of calorie

  1. Breakfast brings about the 25% calories
  2. Lunch the 40%
  3. Dinner the 15%
  4. During the morning and afternoon snack meals represent a 20%

That food should give priority

To achieve adequate food we must identify that food should be given priority and which foods better come us to the Agency.
These are some recommended amounts for food consumption>

  • Fish: 2 o 3 twice a week
  • Bread: 80 daily grams
  • Legumes: 1 to 3 twice a week
  • Green salads: 1 Once a day
  • Fruits: 1 to 2 fruit daily
  • Dairy: approximately 800ml daily

The goal of this eating in right amount food that provide the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of our body . However there are certain agencies that originate from natural form in foods and that prevent may absorb required nutrients, These substances are called antinutrients and are classified in : Tannins, Enzyme inhibitors, Antivitaminas, Inhibitors of assimilation and antithyroid substances. Many of these antinutrients can find them in bananas , cocoa, the te and coffee.
It helps to be very cautious in the selection of our food and know functions performed in our body.

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