Green Dragon

Green Dragon
Green Dragon
Hello, I attached a version that we have these boundaries of the famed green dragon; ours is based on avoiding heat pressure alcohol and get better tasting, fart is more than insured.
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  • We will use a bottle of Tequila from the good, four lemons, Brown crystal sugar and 35 to 60 maria good g, Depending on our ambitions coloketas.
  1. First we mix 500 ml of tequila with the Mary and 15 GR of sugar in the THERMOMIX and leave it to beat 25 min on medium power.
  2. Then put the mixture in a saucepan open at the same time in other more large bath and let heat up slowly at low power, Remember that it's alcohol and don't want too much heat.
  3. When is the mixture hot and warm (never very hot) stir and let as well 15 minutes or more depending on the temperature (how much less heat more time to get it is, in the spirit, the most psychoactive material and it is not destroyed by excessive heat).
  4. Then let stand for a few hours in the fridge, then strain with a cloth strainer and add juice of lemons (casting without lumps or seeds and the rest of the bottle of tequila,, and in the freezer.
  • The final taste has reminded slightly caramel tequila and let Mary, in case of stay, It is after the SIP. Customize your Dragon by other fruits lemon, or adding more azuquitar or whatever you want.
  • It must be low in frozen cups and with a piece of lemon.
  • If it went well it is difficult to move from the first or second shot, you will feel light as a gheisha ready for be fucked lol
  • If not regularly maintained smoke that gives to scare. I have seen fall types hardened the first gasp of the dragon lol
  • Enjoy good wave!!
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