Okinawa diet

okinawa diet

Not you will carry you no surprise to say that the Japanese are the population enjoying better health, and it is that your diet is one of the most healthy and complete around the world. That's why today I bring theokinawa diet.

This okinawa diet it's made up of exercise, good food and happiness. Here's what I can do.


Moderate physical exercise is important, that needs to be developed, wherever possible, Outdoor. Opt for activities like jogging, hikes, hiking or bicycles.


  • Water: special attention to their consumption. They are recommended, approximately, between 8 and 12 glasses a day.
  • Infusions: especially relevant to Okinawans are green tea and black tea, antioxidant drinks that are often taken entirely alone, without milk or sweeteners of any kind.
  • Calcium-rich foods: Okinawa plan pays special attention to this aspect, looking for those foods that strengthen our bones.
  • A daily portion of red meat and eggs is recommended.
  • Soy consumption is especially noteworthy in your diet. Incorporating it into our meals, we will discover endless benefits for our body.
  • As for fish, consumption is often high: one to three pieces a day, especially eating blue fish such as salmon or tuna, high in Omega 3.
  • Three to five cups corn rice or pasta a day.
  • The most important thing, However, is the consumption of fruits and vegetables, preferably raw. Carrots are often consumed in Okinawa, Cabbages, onions, peppers and seaweed, so typical of Japanese food.

okinawa chinita diet

Happiness and philosophy of life:

In addition to trying to lead as quiet a rhythm of life as possible, one of the foundations of this diet is to finish eating when we become satisfied in a 80%, i.e., s going to eat before we feel full at all. That's how we're going to end up with problems as classic as anxiety.

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