Diet of rice grains

diet rice grains

This is a foolproof popular diet. Their results are truly spectacular and we don't say it, say all those who have done it at some point.

It is a diet designed to be carried out for three days. It is very important to not skip any of the indications of the diet to make it effective, But while his results are visible quickly must bear in mind that do not prolong the time of preparation of the diet since it could affect our health.

You must start the diet a Wednesday and take as a minimum 2 litres daily water.



  • In the morning the number of rice grains corresponding to the kilos that want to lose place in half a cup of water.
  • Do not put more kernels the necessary because those pounds never recover.
  • At night, take the water leaving the rice grains to then return to fill the Cup.


  • In the morning, in fasting, drink all the water leaving all the grains of rice and then refill the Cup with water.


  • In the morning, in fasting, drink all, This time with the rice grains.

It is very important to keep Bowl covered throughout the process.

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