Red fruit Compote

red fruit Compote
Although it is common to relate thecompotes with infant feeding(precisely because they are one of the ideal baby after breastfeeding), they can also become a few recipes easy and delicious to accompany different desserts and sweets.

Like jams, We can use them as cupcakes, or to serve alongside wonderful biscuits, cakes, biscuits or pancakes.

Thered fruits they correspond to a group of red fruits that provide a different flavor when we use them to accompany desserts

Red fruit Compote
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How to make a delicious red fruit Compote? Discover the steps with our wonderful recipe of red fruits.
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total time
25 min
total time
25 min
  • 150 g. Red and black currant
  • 150 g. Raspberry
  • 140 g. BlackBerry
  • 60 g. sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  1. Part a lemon in half and squeeze it to get the juice. Reservation.
  2. Wash the berries well.
  3. In a pan heat to simmer the berries. Add the sugar and mix well, adding a tablespoon of lemon juice, until sugar dissolves.
  4. Remove carefully, & book.
  • Calories: 272
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