How to be vegan?


Is the most important to start to be vegan??

To start you have to be very clear your decision as giving up the lifestyle you're so far is something strong, the world is full of foods made with animal products and by-products. It can be difficult at the beginning especially if you're not sure of your decision.

One of the tips that I have to give you is that If you know some vegan you ask help to guide you the first days, will tell you to eat, that use and attitude to take towards life in general, You can be the best to go with the right foot to veganism.

How to feed correctly being vegan?

Food there is special attention because the meat is an important assortment of nutrients and you must give your body what you need, well researched on natural food substitutes for this food group and what is the amount that your physical characteristics require.

Periodically performs a blood test to check that all is well with your body, When you're a woman and you're expecting a baby, I recommend that you ask the doctor if you can take a supplement to ensure the health of your son and not go against the vegan principles.

Veganism is an attitude but also action, If you know any community animal protection project seeks help in this, you investigate how you can put your grain of sand so that the animal exploitation cease in your area.

Vegan pyramid

What is being vegan?

Being vegan is more than a philosophy in which practitioners choose voluntarily obtained from consuming or using products of animal origin. Vegans are faithful defenders of the ecology and opt for this ethical attitude to reject animal exploitation.

In a simple way veganism as the acceptance and practice of these principles could be translated:

  • Clothing: do not wear any type of clothing that has been made with materials of animal origin as: wool, Silk, leathers, skins, etc.
  • Buying and selling: they are not in accordance with the purchase and sale of animals because this means that the owner has a power of ownership over the creature, According to its criteria, this would be the same as slavery to that primitive societies were subjected. Vegans can have pets but they are classified as company, There are no owners and if the companions.
  • Power: Not they feed on animals or their derivatives as it is the case of honey, eggs, milk, etc., They also eat insects, reptiles, seafood, fish and more.
  • Products tested on animals: do not use products that have been obtained through experimentation on animals as: vaccines, cosmetics, processed food, among others.
  • Leisure: vegans do not approve the shows where animals are used for entertainment purposes for human as it is the case of the circus, Rodeo, Bullfight, the cinema where they are used for human entertainment, water parks and more.

Vegans are known also with the end of strict vegetarians by the practice of not eating any animal products and philosophy is still subject of discussion as there are cases where suffering from a lack of nutrients is recommended a periodic blood tests.

Vegan women

Reasons to be vegan

Then I show you 5 reasons to be vegan, that will make you look at through different eyes this practice.


If you suffer from gastrointestinal problems fiber that exists in the vegetarian diet is ideal for curing your discomfort, It promotes the movement of waste and prevent as well as other conditions such as hemorrhoids.

Heart healthy

People who eat meat have up to a 50% more likely to suffer from heart disease than a vegan. If you decide to meat you'll be saying Goodbye to high levels of cholesterol and saturated fats. Foods such as fruits, cereals and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and protect the heart.

Take care your weight

With the diet vegan you will be able to maintain your ideal weight and with this you will also live with less risk of diabetes, arteriosclerosis, stroke, etc. It is a fact that people who eat live foods are slimmer than those who do not.

It improves the environment

Not to eat animals and not be in favour of his holding aid to change a lifestyle that has damaged the world for a long time. About 2 1 billion tons of manure are produced only in the United States, This is one of the main pollutants of the environment by the methane gas releases and other chemicals that seep into the soil.

Water savings

We are not just talking about water for drinking, It is also that used to feed livestock, This is a resource that is scarce, vital for life and that sometimes tend not to care for properly.

If you feel attracted, change today, on this site you will have the help that you need to make successful your traffic and you can always count on a community without asking anything change is to help.


What are the benefits of being vegan?

There are many benefits of being vegan, today I'll just show these 5 and I hope that if you're not vegan you consider changing your way of thinking through these words.

You decrease your blood pressure

Unlike the vegetable fat animal fat contributes to the decrease of blood pressure and other heart disease.

You desintoxicarás your body

About the 95% pesticides will stop the human body comes from dairy products, fish and red meat according to EPA. The fish is known to bring with it heavy like lead minerals, Mercury and cadmium. It must also be said that these animals are treated many times with growth hormones and steroids that cause dangerous diseases in the human body.

You'll be better as a person

There is an old saying that says that we are what we eat, If you're vegan you will have a natural awareness of the foods you eat, This has a positive impact on the society that surrounds you and the planet.

Lights sexy

Keep in mind that meat fats clog the arteries of the heart which prevents blood flow correctly reach the vital organs and helps ageing. A person Vegan is generally thin, neat figure and someone compassionate, a quality that is attractive to many people.

Ideal weight with energy

According to estimates the vegans weigh up to 20 pounds less than carnivores by what this practice can help you lose the weight that won't be as much as you do. Chlorophyll-rich foods, minerals, vitamins, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients and fiber provide a significant energy boost to the body, a sharp mind and a better overall health.

Vegan protein

Not wise from a vegan things

These are 5 things that you probably desconozcas on a vegan or with respect to veganism, pay attention if you want to learn more about this practice.

Main concerns

While the vegan diets also have a healthy side there are some deficiencies that must be covered and that you must be prepared. Vegans should pay attention to the intake of fatty acids such as Omega 3, vitamins D and B12, zinc and iron. These nutrients can be obtained without the need to consume meat but you have to be alert to food by means of which it can be obtained and in certain cases the consumption of a supplement is required.

Vegans are minority

Only among Americans the 2.5% its population is recognized as vegan according to a Gallup survey of ago 3 years. The meat is a staple in this country and tradition makes it difficult for young people to choose a different power supply because this has much to do with the support of the family, social relations, Anyway, the environment that surrounds us.

Social position

Not only vegans have a diet based on natural products out of the meat of animals and their derivatives, They also defend the rights of every animal species and oppose the unfair treatment that is made about any of them.

They have better health

By eating more vegetables and fruits the vegans ingest more antioxidants and other anti-cancer nutrients that also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Veganism and religion

It is not mandatory to belong to a religion to be vegan as many people think. Not Buddhism, Neither Christianity, etc.

Famous they are vegan and they may inspire you

While it is true that vegans are a minority every day they add more the group thanks to the work of organizations and the famous, These are the new gods of the modern era and figures that crowd love and seek to follow in his footsteps.

Vegetarians and vegans there are many major celebrities, some more recent and others already have years following this practice, These are my 5 favorite:

Ellen DeGeneres

The driver ofThe Ellen DeGeneres Show It is one of the most famous women in American television, winner of multiple awards Emmys, Grammys and a recognized openly lesbian takes long time a diet completely vegan as well as follow the principles of this practice. His conscience vegan led her to create a blog where is awareness to her fans about the importance of diet, vegan and animal rights protection.

Ariana Grande

The singer is a fervent fighter for animal rights and opposes any form of animal exploitation so its diet is only live foods.


One of his most recent contributions is the creation of a diet of 21 days without meat that many of his followers continue to put in their ideal weight and create a good figure. It is only a good idea for people to engage with veganism.

Bill Clinton

The former President of the United States is one of the most famous vegans, in his own words: I am vegan and I feel good.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato says that after you start a diet vegan looked better and had more energy for what they chose to engage fully in this.

Finally, It is necessary that you read everything you can about veganism, instruct you, check the labels on the clothes that you buy, of the foods that you consume, up to television time and shows that you are going. Follow these guidelines and you will be a full vegan.

I hope that with this you can take the first steps on veganism, If you have any questions, Please leave a comment below.

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