How to make almond praline

Almond Praline

Together with thefondant and thealmond paste, thePraline It is another of the most used in confectionery pastes, not as a decorative covering in itself, but that is used for fillings and toppings, especially in chocolates and desserts.

It is a culinary technique of French origin, I also found not only in the pastries and confectionery, France, but also of Belgium (Hence, also known with the namesplalin opralinoise).

Traditional or basic recipe is made with a mixture of almond - or Hazel-, which is confit caramelized sugar. This mixture is allowed to cool and hardened.

What is the pralinoise?

Thepralinoise you get when you add cocoa to the praline, Although it can also be a mixture of praline with chocolate, or ganache.

Praline and praline are the same?

Usual is that thePraline tends to be confused with thePraline (no accent). But they are not the same: the praline is a sweet French, consisting of a caramelized sugar-coated almond, reminiscent of much caramelized peanuts almonds.

Although you can buy it in pastry shops, What better thanmake praline at home ingredients 100% natural? You will learn how.


How to make almond praline
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How to make almond praline? Discover the necessary steps with our recipe for almond praline, to do at home.
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total time
1 hr
total time
1 hr
  • 450 g. almond
  • 450 g. sugar
  • 90 g. glucose
  1. On an oven tray toasting almonds to 200 º C temperature.
  2. While, in a saucepan melt sugar without adding water, until you get candy.
  3. Mix the almonds with caramel.
  4. Spread a plate with oil, and put the mixture on it.
  5. Let cool.
  6. Once you are somewhat more cold, grinds and form a paste by adding oil.
  7. You can keep the praline in a tightly sealed Tin.
  • Calories: 358
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