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The body needs a reinforcement of nutrients and some precautionary measures that form a shield against diseases.

Vitamin C:

All know the beneficial properties of vitamin C to fight colds.

The truth is that this vitamin, improves the absorption of iron, protein and folic acid.

In addition, accelerates the wound healing on the skin and mucous membranes- internal tissues of the body- and of course without them our cells could not maintain are United, Since it is the famous collagen.

It happens that the more consumed, greater will be the body's defenses, so the germanes meant more effectively.

On the other hand, vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, becoming excellent ally for those people who live under lot of stress or are chronic sick.

Avoid in part, the deterioration caused by these evils in the cells. In addition, offers a

extra benefit: It protects against cancer.

Due to all these reasons, more than relevant, doctors are still advising to take it to increase the organic defenses.

However, some years it is not healthy to consume more than 200 mg per day, that an excess may cause the formation of stones, intestinal and stomach irritation, for example.

Vitamin C can be obtained easily from the nature, It is in most fruits and vegetables, which do eat raw, preferably, by the cooking process loses almost all of its food properties.


There are some foods that contain substances which reinforce the General defences of the body in nature. Garlic is one of them.

It can be used in the preparation of food, with restrictions for people who do not tolerate it well. A wine of garlic tends to be a delicious aperitif, If submerged for 20 days, three cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed in a liter of red wine, then filter and take 1/2 Cup per day.

The onion, other protective food, great joined wines with assorted vegetables.

However, do not add less than two large onions for a liter of water. The ideal is to take two cups per day, alone or as a vegetable soup.

Important partners:

Vitamin A plays a protective role of the internal tissues of the body, Besides being antioxidant plant version, beta carotene. To ensure adequate, again, fresh vegetables are the best choice.

Choose carrots, Pumpkins, green leafy vegetables, citrus and apricots.

Remember that sometimes this vitamin is in deficit when making very poor fat diets, Since this is necessary so that the vitamin is absorbed properly. Refer to your doctor to make necessary adjustments.

Zinc, present in the red and white meats, is of paramount importance in winter, and although it is not yet known by that, It shortens the duration of flu pictures.

Rarely suffer from major shortcomings of this mineral micro, but you can slightly enhance their diet during the cold months, Since addition of having flu effect, zinc protects the skin and counteracts stress.

Dream, Stress and flu:

When people suffering from colds, inflammation of the tonsils and repeated flu States, often underestimated the importance of the factors in this low of defenses. These are: Sleep and stress.

If when you start to make cold we sneeze, It is convenient to provide the body the necessary rest, previously.

A plan that can sleep a minimum of 8 hours, including NAPs.It is also important that these hours are more in keeping with the rhythms of nature.

People who tend to stay up late can sleep 8 hours and waking up at noon. But they must take into account, that leather needs small amounts of natural light so the glands of the endocrine system are functioning properly and defenses to stay firm.

To cut the amount of light they receive, your endocrine system falls into a tailspin. Go to bed early, to ensure the Agency a better rest, in the hours that the ritmoscorporales are naturally designed to rest.

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