Shrimps a spicy sauce

shrimps a spicy sauce
Shrimps a spicy sauce
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Shrimp are a food that gives us the opportunity to prepare in many ways already be breaded, in cocktail, in broth, Inserts and many other forms. This time we bring you the recipe for shrimp to spicy sauce, easy to prepare and above all that you love.
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  • - 1 kg of shrimp (If you want to peel them, clean them, in case of large)
  • - 1 garlic
  • - 8 Guajillo / Chipotle
  • - 3 Chiles of tree
  • - ½ Onion
  • - 2 Tomatoes
  • - 5 DAS oil
  • - 1 DAS butter
  • - 2 Cup of water
  • - Salt and pepper to taste
  1. It is cooked. The first step for the shrimps a spicy sauce until they take a pink.
  2. Boil and blend. To make the sauce for the shrimp to the devil put to cook along with the tomato chilli, a piece of onion and garlic and add water. Strain and separates the diabla shrimp sauce.
  3. FRY and mix. Fry onions in oil and add the shrimp sauce to spicy sauce; pepper.
  4. FRY and Board. When the shrimp are boiled is season and FRY in butter, then add sauce and let Cook 3 minutes approximately. Your shrimp spicy sauce are ready.
  5. It serves and accompanies. It accompanies this dish of shrimp spicy sauce with a salad and white rice.
  • What you think about this recipe of shrimps a spicy sauce? Do you know otherwise prepare shrimp aside from shrimp spicy sauce?
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