What is the quality of life of a vegetarian person?


Quality of life of a vegetarian

It is unfortunate that many people do not understand how exposed are to disease following a carnivorous diet,  and they can not understand the vegetarian philosophy, they cannot understand why live without meat in your diet not only implies a better way of living, It is a better way to eat also. but unless he was born vegetarian and raised that way, It had to be a moment when you went through that transition.

For carnivorous persons a meal without meat, It is not food and they cannot imagine a diet without meat. Without understanding profitability that is for health.

We live in a society that does not help us to evolve to a meat-free diet. On the one hand, There is an entire industry devoted to keep us engaged in meat. While it may not be so sinister and terrifying as the industries that keeps us hooked to cigarettes, It does mean that these industries should prosper in the breeding and sale of meat so there is 'understanding' that comes from these powerful pressure groups. Restaurants often are not useful when the 90% of their offers of menu are from meat and when served in their meals, in large portions and your guests eat without taking into account the bad thing is.

Fortunately, the vegetarian way of life is increasingly common and reaches to more people. As more and more people see the value of becoming a vegetarian, and how much your quality of life will improve, vegetarian culture continues to grow. And as the population moves in this direction, the business will continue and we will see more and more businesses and restaurants who want to serve their menus to a vegetarian population growing. When you see that McDonalds offers salads and alternative vegetables as they have done in recent years, you know that the quality of vegetarian life becoming increasingly better known.

It is good for those of us that we can clearly see that the difference in the quality of life of a vegetarian what happened by the transition are as different as night and day things to have some understanding of our cultural bias toward the consumption of meat. After all, civilization has always fed meat for a long time. Maybe back in the Caveman days, the male urge to meat for food hunting is deeply ingrained in us as a species. So to change and become a culture that hunting vegetables instead of meat will be a difficult transition at a cultural level, and that's going to take some time.

We take the heart of other changes on a large scale does work culture, because as people, We can change. He can quit is a great example. Just a few 20 years more or less, smoking was considered a natural way of life and almost everyone smoked. As the dangers of smoking became known and became more evident and as the quality of life of non-smokers were made clearer, little by little the society responded.

This does not mean that the change was easy. Giving up meat can be so difficult for some giving up cigarettes. But we now live in a world where smoking in public is rare and the percentage of smokers from non-smokers in society is small. That is progress and we can use this movement of inspiration that we can also bring society in lathe to realize that giving up meat as the heart of our national diet will result in a better quality of life for all.

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