Aubergine filled with mushrooms

Aubergine filled with mushrooms

Many times do not know to cook and chose the easiest?, but that sometimes is what has more calories? Well, we have the solution, There are many recipes for weight loss with which we can follow a good diet and a little change flavors, You can choose low-calorie recipes, easy and are rich, in this way we will be easy make of eat, and at the same time we will win something nutritious and that costs us nothing.

A healthy diet is important for weight loss and health, so not only should we eat well, If diet and exercise do, This duo is perfect for quick and easy weight loss. The first week is not easy to start a diet, but a time started the second week and the third this chupadas, only there that put it to this and endure, you will see as over time your body thank you.

Aubergines with mushrooms
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prep time
15 min
cooking time
0 min
prep time
15 min
cooking time
0 min
  • -4 Eggplant
  • -200g cheese
  • -250g mushrooms
  • -Tomato
  • -Extra virgin olive oil
  • -parsley and salt
  1. The preparation is easy, so only have that clean the aubergines and cut them as if outside a toasting, then we put them on a tray and put them in the oven at 180 degrees about twenty minutes with a pinch of salt and oil. We put the onion in a frying pan, well chopped pan-fried garlic and tomato, We leave to spend a couple of minutes and also add mushrooms during 4 minutes. And while we extract the flesh of the Eggplant with care to avoid breaking the skin and the flesh of the Eggplant along with the pine nuts add.
  2. When this all mixed, We fill the eggplants and cover them with grated cheese, and put it salt all oven a few 3 minutes so melts, and we can already begin to eat!!
  • Diet for weight loss
Recipes easy to https://recetasdecocinafaciles.NET /

A good trick to lose weight is a good diet for weight loss, consists in a food healthy, varied and low in calories, In addition to accompanied by exercise and much liquid and fiber, is the power that helps us to live, but if it is low in calories and varied you can be healthy and lose weight, If in addition we at least thirty minutes a day of exercise helps the body to burn that extra, and if we drink lots of water and fiber, We still more help eliminate what the body does not need.

Them 3 rules for weight loss

But losing weight fast not only this to know what diet and exercise, If it is not know to eat, so can three simple ways to take into account:

1-Chew well and eat little by little until the stomach this satiated.

2-Avoid sugars and many carbohydrates, as pastries or sugary drinks with alcohol.

3-Do all the cooking in the oven, to the iron or cooked, and eat oily fish, Red meat and vegetables and fruits.

These rules will help you lose weight with diets is easy and without any complicated remedy, Neither the rebound effect, or going hungry. Lose weight with diets can be easy, depends only of as follow the diet and the desire to put, Since the first week or the first two weeks are the more difficult, because we have to get used to the body that diet and to get used to not eating more than the body needs, and that sometimes is difficult when a meal we like very much. By that it main is stopping of eating when the stomach is satiated, and that is achieved knowing eating little by little.

But you must always accompany the diets with exercise, that is something essential when we need to lose weight, Since the body if you only need help to digest and eliminate excess waste that we don't. By that we must make minimum half hour of exercise.

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