Benefits of the Finnish sauna


The Finnish sauna is to manage dry heat to the body for therapeutic purposes. It is a perfect practice to reduce stress, among other many benefits.

Benefits for body and mind

Finnish sauna brings many benefits to the body and the mind. It consists of a dry heat bath, with a temperature of 80 degrees and up to a 15% relative humidity, What causes body cool by sweating.

These heat baths help considerably to reduce stress, the tension and increase the immune. Heart rate and vasodilation are increased, What causes do it, at the same time, muscle metabolism. When is any sport, helps to recover after exercise because it increases the supply to the muscles and, combined with a healthy diet, It promotes the Elimination of the dreaded cellulite.

In addition, the pores of the skin open to encourage the Elimination of sweat, What makes toxins and impurities from the skin are removed, as well as alcohol and nicotine. It also helps to clear the Airways and relieves pain in the joints due to increased circulation and endorphin heat.

Finnish sauna


To minimize stress, you have to feel free of any pressure on the body, so the best is to enter the sauna naked or wrapped in a towel and remain lying down so that the entire body is at the same temperature.

On the other hand, and due to the increase of the heart rate, It is not advisable for pregnant women or elderly people. Also have to be careful people with epilepsy, anorexia or who suffer cramps kidney.

The duration of a Finnish sauna must be between the 8 and the 15 minutes. If this is the first time, It is best to not exceed the 10 minutes to avoid voltage drops and best in the company of someone else. In addition, If the sauna is taken after doing any type of exercise it is recommended to wait 15 minutes or take a cold shower before entering.

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