Know the benefits of the oil of olive, the vinegar and the wine

Olive oil

Is can take care or improve the health through a food healthy with high dose of vegetables and fruit fresh, vinegar, oil of olive and wine with moderation. Here we share with you the properties of each one:

Olive oil

  • Its beneficial effects on health are both due to the high content of monounsaturated fatty acids as the high content of antioxidants.
  • It reduces LDL cholesterol levels (Cholesterol bad) and increases the levels of the cholesterol HDL(good).
  • Prevents the arteriosclerosis and diminishes the risk of infarction heart and thrombosis cerebral.
  • Stimulates the bile and prevents the formation of stones bile. Reduces the pressure blood.
  • Prevents the formation of ulcers stomach and duodenal.
  • Prevents the aging of tissues by antioxidants and the contribution of vitamin E.
  • It elevates the defenses through vitamin A.
  • It promotes the deposition of calcium, It prevents rickets through vitamin D.
  • Is antihemorrhagic by their contributions of vitamin K.
  • Promotes the secretion of hormones and improves them functions metabolic.


    • Effective detoxifying and useful agent for the purification of the blood.
    • It relieves the pain caused by arthritis.
    • Support to an appropriate balance of the weight body.
    • Stabilizing the levels of sugar in the blood.
    • It brings freshness and calm the pain immediately in superficial burns and local inflammatory reactions, as solar Erythema.
    • It helps the proper functioning of the bile bladder.
    • Reduces the pressure blood.
    • Minerals and waste elements exert a positive effect on the body's metabolism.
    • Relieves sore throats caused by laryngitis.
    • Stimulates the movements intestinal and increases the production of enzymes related with the unfolding of the fat, It is an effective aid to combat obesity and cholesterol.
    • As an antiseptic it acts mostly digestive and helps restore salts lost to the body.
    • Maintains healthy skin.


    • Favours the action antispasmodic and antibacterial.
    • It activates the bile secretion.
    • You have an antihistamine effect, that reduces allergic reactions.
    • Protection of the walls arterial, to the strengthen the collagen and the elastin that the form.
    • The wine provides minerals and trace elements such as magnesium (reduces stress), zinc (improves the immune), lithium (balances the system nervous), calcium and potassium (ensure an appropriate balance of ionic and electrical).
    • It contains polyphenols which eliminate germs as the escherichia coli in fast way, Salmonella and shigella.
    • Moderate consumption of red wine during meals reduces memory loss by cerebral circulatory insufficiency in elderly.
    • Them grapes inks contain a wide range of compounds phenolic that have a great capacity for protect to the lipoproteins LDL of the oxidation and inhibit the cholesterol.
    • It contains resveratrol present in red grapes that helps slow aging and prevent geriatric diseases such as Alzheimer's.


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