Within this denomination are a group of marine species belonging to the same family. The most frequent species are the common monkfish, The reddish and the American. It is known also as Toad, frogfish, Rana marina or...
cocoa butter

Cocoa butter and its applications in the kitchen

Cocoa butter is obtained by pressing of cocoa beans after being roasted and ground. Is a fat noble of neutral flavor, 100% vegetable. Cocoa cream is solid at room temperature...
cumin spice

Cumin, a very aromatic plant with digestive properties

Cumin is a very aromatic herb. The Egyptians already used it as a spice and medicinal purposes. Cumin is a Mediterranean plant, and today it is still used in Arabian cuisine and...

Beer and its applications in life

Beer is a beverage Queens, whether we take it well chilled or as a pint or more likes to each. You have innumerable beneficial health properties, provided that its consumption is moderate...
kitchen wood

The traditional wood stove

The wood stove is one of the oldest and most economic when put against the stoves. Homemade taste called formerly 'kitchen plate"became popular among households at the beginning of the 20th century, Thank you...

What is a Bar?

The word bar comes from "Barrier" that was the place that existed in American bars to relax arms and became in the name of all the working area and then all over the place. Here I will say different...

How to make Octopus

After spending Christmas and new year it is time to start to spend a bit of time in our kitchen a little more everyday so today I bring you these details so they can learn to prepare Octopus. The consumption of Octopus is becoming popular...

Healing powers of Saffron

Saffron is considered as a curative plant and is commonly used in food, but it has a lot of healing powers that are reported. Saffron is also called "Red gold", Since the old...
propiedes of chile

Healing powers of the chile

The chile is different each other, Depending on the color (Red. Green, Yellow, the form (elongated or flared) and taste (sweet or savory). Chili bites since it contains capsaicin responsible for stimulating the release of neurotransmitters...