Roll prosciutto and Arugula


Many times we want to impress someone with food, and do not know what to do. This dish is ideal, Since it has the unmistakable flavor of the ham accompanied by these rich Greens with roasted red peppers. The rocket is a bitter vegetable and so often do not like, but with all these ingredients, there is spectacular. These green leaves are rich in vitamin C and iron, and they are also aphrodisiac. Have luck!
wound prosciutto Arugula


1 pionono.
100g ham.
1 small cut rocket tray.
1 red pepper.


Cut the peppers into strips and roast them. Season with salt and ground pepper.

pimientos-asados - potatoes
Spread the pionono with mayonnaise.
Cut the ham finely mince and place it on the roll.
Wash the cut Arugula and add it on the raw ham. There is no empty space.
Then add the roasted pepper. Wrap and decorate with a few olives and mayonnaise.
Once ready to our intense flavors of Arugula and prosciutto roll, take the refrigerator to consume time. Cut into slices and serve on a plate. For a better conservation, cover it with plastic wrap.


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