Blisters on toes, as cure them and avoid them

Las blisters in the feet now in summer are one of the most common problems that we face because we are brokers or not and today I will explain how to cure them and how to evade them.

What are blisters on feet? Can they be serious?

Before that there is nothing to know that only small bags of the epidermis are filled with clear fluid similar to water , Although sometimes have also reddish because they contain a little bit of blood, they are not a serious problem despite the pain that may occur or bad appearance that may have .
Normally they appear as a result of the friction that suffer the feet with socks or an inadequate pressure shoes , intensive training or running by changing surfaces where toes should be continuously adapting to the terrain can also promote your presence.

To cure blisters, we can use two techniques very simple:

  1. – The first and more slow consists in cover them with a dressing and expect over time that the liquid go empty and dry .
  2. – The second and more effective is Click the bubble with a small sterile needle, empty the liquid which has and subsequently put antiseptic , Thus will it dry out much faster.

Now well, once cured How can we prevent them?

  • Use appropriate sneakers that have a good sweat.
  • Carry socks special running with reinforced front and heel.
  • Spread us foot creams or use vaseline between the toes, We will thus avoid friction between them.
  • Use ink Binjui to harden the skin of the fingers. What you can buy in shops specialized.

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  1. Paul It says:

    To prevent them, easier still; is a trick of Mountaineer: Some Executive socks or stockings, and over normal sock. The friction occurs between both socks, protecting the skin and avoiding the appearance of blisters. Holy hand.


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