Aphrodisiac foods

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Aphrodisiac foods are those able to increase libido; they do grow the sexual appetite of persons; some more and some less. Some cause chemical reactions that slightly modify our brain or hormones and therefore increases the appetite for sex; others by their forms, Smells, flavors or touch make us take the mind to the path of intercourse.

Use them in your meals and take them alone to…:

Chocolate : it's a classic among aphrodisiacs, chocolate provides chemical molecules with neutral effects on the brain that release the burning of love. It has a lot of antioxidants and is good against depression.

Bananas : Bananas in addition to being a very rich dessert have good amounts of potassium and B vitamins that are used in sexual hormone production.

Wine : Another aphrodisiac classic, the effects of alcohol make easy laughter, an escape from shame and other alterations that can lead to a hot night's end. An excessive amount will be totally contrary, but with a couple of glasses the joy runs.

Coffee: globally used stimulant, a little bit is fine; but a lot is to pass.

Afro foods

Strawberries : They can be mixed with chocolate, they have a lot of vitamins and are ideal for a couple in love.

Honey : There's something about the honeymoon., already egyptians made honey part of their medicine for sexual problems.

Garlic : Although it brings bad smell of breath increases the lipid, it's good that they eat both of the couple, to have the same smell.

Rocket : a typical aphrodisiac, used for salad.

Avocado : American fruit, used in Mexican recipes , guacamole ingredient. In known aphrodophysicist.

Legend or reality... always part of both.

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