Barley water

Barley water
To arm themselves with a rich drink don't have much complicated, with little and in a short time you can take ingredients that are available as in this recipe of barley water, and make a drink that is delicious and healthy as well as refreshing.
  1. 150 g barley grain
  2. 1 l. water
  3. 1 1/2 Spoon soup sugar
  4. 1 lemon peel
  5. 1 cinnamon sticks.
  1. Begins the recipe with put the barley in a colander and leave under running cold water, moving the beads by hand for cleaning. When the water runs clear, dejarescurrir briefly and pass them to a casserole. Cover the barley with the water and bring to boil. At that time, lower the heat and leave it in this way until the grains of barley are tender or 3/4 hour approximately. Strain the water and leave it in the container in which it is to serve. Add the sugar and stir until it is dissolved, Add to the water the skin of the lemon and the sprig of cinnamon, When is the liquid already out of the fire. Place in the fridge to be cold at the time of serving.
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