Lose weight running, tricks to lose weight


A quick way to lose weight is lose weight running. It is not always follow one diet healthy and balanced, If not also make exercises to lose weight, and that is why we will speak of lose weight running, since if we follow these guidelines for lose weight, We will be able to eliminate those kilos more quickly.

Lose weight running

 People with a sedentary lifestyle will take longer to lose kilos, they must first go slowly and get accustomed to the body to run normal time and pace, IE neither very fast nor very slow, and neither 10 minutes but neither 2 hours, If that should not keep a rhythm for long periods followed.

 For lose weight running We have prepared a shoes and comfortable clothing made for running, in the case that we want to carry personal items, as it is the portfolio and the mobile, a Holster is recommended, Since going on the waist and not bother us in movements.

 Benefits of lose weight running: raises the metabolism.

 The good thing to do exercise, is that not only burns the calories of the meal of every day, If not that we lose kilos that have accumulated and better burn food. Metabolism is called how long it takes the body in digesting food, and increase metabolism with exercise, What gives us outcomes that the body digests faster food doing that you will not accumulate more calories from the unnecessary in our body.

 How to start running to lose weight?

 The first thing we must bear in mind is that we can change to run for another sport that you like more, Now if we have fun doing sport, It will be easier to lose weight and less tiresome. The goal is to exercise to lose weight and have a good guy, and we can get it running, doing swimming, Rowing, playing football, or what you like. The goal is the same, only we must bear in mind the strength and sufficient exercise to eliminate the fat that we want to eliminate.

 1. Consultation with your medical fitness, internal and mental before. We will consider its recommendations and that's why, when you start, We have to start walking, followed by going to trot and then start running at a pace with which you feel comfortable.

 2. We will get clothes and comfortable shoes for running.

 3. We will begin by going slowly making small tours, and if possible at a site to be grass, so we amortiguaremos the knees impact go running, since they are not used and still we are beginning.

 How long should we do sport?

 Well this depends on the type of sport that you do and you can hold. It is normal to make 1 h or 1 time and 30 daily min, but in the case of not being used, It's exercise till you drop, for example, if it is running you can start by doing so 15 minutes a day the first week, If you can't stand the 15 min, maybe less, and increase each week, You'll see how you progress quickly and are being increasingly easier and if you are swimming you can be 1 h or more, Since the water we get tired less, but it already depends on the person.

 It cannot be an exact time, Since it depends on what the person has to endure and the intensity that can make. We can not say how many days or months, Since it depends on your current weight. But it is advisable do so every day, and rest from time to time.

We must also take into account that it is not the same run by Herb, by sand or on the road, in the grass we do cushion body, the road can be easier but it is harder for the body, and by the arena will cost us more since the body sinks.

You will see like slimming running or doing other sports, It can be fun and effective, We must also take into account a diet that goes with the exercise, but we must avoid pastries and fried foods. In less than 1 month or a fair month you will notice big differences is your physical and mental state.

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