8 treatments natural to the stings of bees

Sting bee
Bee stings can be fatal if a person is allergic to the venom.Around the 3 percent of people who are bitten by bees quickly develop an allergic picture.

What are the symptoms of bee sting?

The signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis include:

  • Itch / redness
  • urticaria
  • Shortness of breath
  • The feelings of dizziness or fainting

What are the steps to recover from pain?

For those not allergic, We provide a set of treatments for fast recovery:

1. Remove the Stinger.

2. Clean the wound.

3. Get pain relief.

The first and most important treatment for a bee sting is to remove the Stinger as soon as possible and by any means. Rear end of the bee contains a sack containing poison, and you can continue pumping more venom into the skin if not extracted.You can use your nails, a pair of pliers, or even a credit card to scrape the Stinger. However, be careful not to break the Stinger and left buried in the skin.
Second, before using a home remedy to treat bee stings, clean the wound with SOAP and cold water. This will help eliminate the bacteria that can cause infections.
Once the Stinger is removed and cleaned the wound, You can use one of these 8 Bee Sting treatment:

8 Bee Sting treatment

1. GEL . Apply ice for 20 minutes. The ice will sleep the pain and the blood flow in the area, What reduces swelling.
2. HONEY. A certain degree of irony resides in this bee sting remedy, But honey is an excellent product to heal wounds. Apply a small drop of honey into the wound and cover it with gauze or a small cloth during 30 minutes to an hour. (If a person is allergic to bees or honey, do not use this remedy) .
3. ESSENTIAL OIL OF LAVENDER . Add one or two drops of essential oil of lavender in the wound. Lavender oil will help neutralize the venom immediately.
4. CLOVES OF GARLIC. Crush one or two cloves of garlic to release the juices and rest it on the wound. Cover with a damp cloth or a towel and let stand for 20 to 30 minutes.
5. PLANTS (Plantago major) It is a common weed that is located in the immediate surroundings. We crush the leaves andYou can chew a little to release the juices. Once you get the juice, press against the sting juicy leaves covered with a damp cloth or towel during 30 minutes.
6. SODA AND VINEGAR . Make a paste with baking soda, a bit of vinegar and water and apply to the wound during 30 minutes. Baking soda and vinegar helps neutralize acid which is located in bee stings.
7. TOOTHPASTE. As bicarbonate, the toothpaste is an alkaline substance that helps neutralize acid bee sting, reducing pain and swelling. Apply the toothpaste into the wound during 20 to 30 minutes.
8. COOKED MEAT. Make a paste with meat tenderizer and water and apply it to the wound during 20 minutes.
After getting the pain relief with one of these home remedies for bee stings, clean the skin with a damp paper towel or cloth and apply a small amount of an antibiotic cream or a natural remedy of first aid to help prevent the infection.

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