6 super healthy salads

Mango salad

Hello to all, I hope they are very well like me, that is why I wanted to share these delicious 7 types of salads, with a pleasant taste and best of all is that they are very easy to prepare, well here is the preparation in detail of each, enjoy it.

Preparation of carrot salad with yogurt

Carrots with yogurt

Our salad of Carrots with yogurt We will start making the sauce, for that we put the yogurt in a bowl, Salt, pepper, lemon juice, the chopped chives, oil and Apple Cider vinegar.
Then we wash carrots and peel them so that they are with a curly style, This happens if we do it with a potato peeler. After finished emptied it into the container that this sauce, mix well until all uniform and let rest for an hour about carrots to make our sauce flavor.

Note: If you want to give a more bittersweet taste to your dish adds more amount of vinegar in relation to the other ingredients. And enjoy!!

Preparation of spirals and tuna salad

Spirals and tuna salad

The first thing we need to do to prepare our rich salad ofSpirals and tuna  It is cooking spirals his way, Once they are cooked, drain and reserve in a bowl.

While soften our spirals in a bowl mix the mayonnaise and cream, corn, the tomato, and the remaining ingredients stir well and when the spirals are ready we add it to the mixture and stir carefully so that it does not derail.

Preparation of avocado and nuts

Avocado fruit
The first thing to prepare our salad ofAvocado and nuts is chopping tomatoes, avocado and chili pepper in small bits, We reserve in a bowl.

Mix the remaining ingredients together with the first spices it with a little salt and ready to enjoy!!

Mango salad

Mango salad

To prepare this rich and delicious Mango Salad and other ingredients more, such as avocados  We will start by mixing in a bowl separate oil, vinegar, cumin, the average Orange and lime juice, salt and pepper.

While we let rest the onion cut into slice in lemon juice by 10 minutes.

Cut sliced mango and avocado and put it together with the Arugula and onion already drawn from the lemon juice in a bowl.

Finally we empty the sauce to prepare first above and enjoy!!

Preparation of the salad potato and carrot

salad potato and carrot

We soften potatoes and carrots peeled and cut into cubes, in the same way we put the 6 eggs that are cooked.

While the ingredients are sewn, We are going by washing and cutting in well small cubes and full-size celery, the onion, Peppers and put it in the juice of lemon with salt.

When are the potatoes sewn, carrot and eggs took them from the pot and put it to drain in a colander, While Peel eggs and cut it the same size as the potatoes and carrot. When they are drained put it in a bowl, emptied you the rest of the ingredients and mayonnaise, We tried salt to check that is to your liking and ready to enjoy.

We can add him corn, raisins, Apples, what you want.

Potatoes = potatoes

Preparation of chickpeas and vegetable salad

Salad with chickpeas and vegetables

First we put cooked chickpeas, While they are cooking we wash the cucumber, tomato and carrot, Chop a tailored to the size of chickpeas.

After this we continue biting the other ingredients such as onion, and if you want you can add to the mix a bit of pickle to give an acid Nick, mix all together with chick peas already cooked and drained into a container, the lettuce chopped into small pieces, season and add the olive oil and the vinegar of our choice and ready. to enjoy !!

Good here I leave these delicious salads I hope you enjoy them, Please leave a comment of what you liked most.

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