10 Wonderful properties of carrot


Carrot has many advantages in power regardless of age. In addition to being a rich vegetable, It has properties that are a necessity in your kitchen.

If you do not know the properties of the carrot pay attention to the following list:

10. Against cancer. The properties of carrot are excellent to prevent cancer because they possess carotenes that help keep us healthy and prevent these diseases.

9. It stimulates the appetite. Thanks to as aromatic substances which possess the properties of carrot helps to stimulate the appetite , a good ally in child nutrition.

8. Kind to the intestine. Properties of carrot are useful to relieve cramping and at the same time it dissipates gas which emits the body.

7. Diuretic. As many of the properties of carrot vegetables are wonderful as a diuretic, i.e. It speeds up the disintegration of kidney stones.

6. Rich in phosphorus. For this substance having the properties of a carrot are useful to tired minds and restorer of nerves, an invigorating excellent.

5. It helps to view. Among the properties of carrot, help the care of eyes and to improve the view.

4. Antioxidant. The properties of carrot to look always young and protect the skin are ideal.

3. Ally of the Sun. If you are looking for a perfect Tan drink juice or eat carrot properties help keep gas a Tan of daydream.

2. Slimming. Among the multiple properties of carrot, drink it in juice effective weight loss aid.

1. Skin health. If you like to have a healthy skin properties of the carrot are very beneficial in this case, You can eat or apply it to the skin.

The carrot is a great truth that you can eat raw cooked, accompanied by a delicious juice or the important thing is to take advantage of the properties of carrot to the maximum.

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