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Piškotový dort s mandlemi

Greek Yogurt Cake

Looking for something traditional that you can make with Greek Yogurt? Want it as a dessert? Then, Recipes with Greek Yogurt has a dessert, that is made with Greek Yogurt, that you will simply enjoy. Known as Greek Yogurt Cake or Yiaourtopita, this traditional Greek cake recipe is made with yogurt instead of milk, and it makes the cake extra moist and tender. Our Greek Yogurt Cake recipe does not call for syrup, but it certainly is a nice addition!

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

When I first discovered Greek yogurt I ate as a post-exercise snack with granola. A perfect combination of creamy, sweet and crunchy. But surely there must be more to Greek yogurt than this?

Now that I have successfully made Greek yogurt, I am inspired.

Since my homemade Greek yogurt has the tang and thickness of sour cream, my first Greek yogurt recipe came to me as the star ingredient for Mexican night!

Mexican night is always fun! I made Mexican turkey mini meatloaf, avocado and tomato rustic salad, nachos with cheese accompanied by Cilantro Coriander Greek yogurt.

Pancakes Stuffed With Yogurt And Berries

Someone likes pancakes with meat or other salty fillings, but i am crazy about sweet pancakes stuffed with berries and greek yogurt. I make them quite frequently – once every two weeks or so for a couple of years already. This is probably one of the few regular meals with a solid place in our home kitchen menu. In fact, these pancakes are kids best dessert too!

Raspberry Yogurt Souffle Baskets

This sand cake baskets with yogurt souffle and whole fresh raspberries on top is a very popular dessert in French bakeries. If you are excited as i am then let’s start cooking!

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dort s mascarpone

Mrkvový dort s mascarpone poleva

Dnes jsem udělal mrkvový dort s mascarpone poleva, tj, mrkev s dort smetanový sýr mascarpone.
Jsem opravdu rád tento dort, protože je velmi pikantní skořice, muškátový oříšek a zázvor a já jsem rád že kombinace.

Mrkvový dort má velmi charakteristickou chuť, lahodné a je ideální pro ty, kteří nejsou příliš milující sladké vše jsou výhody!!

Tento dort je vhodný po jídle svačinu nebo pro prostředí pracovní plochy. Doufám, že vám bude líbit tak jako moje!